Movie/pizza night!

Noah came from CA for two days! We had a pizza/movie night at Anne and Greg’s house.  We ate Dominos pizza while watching“How To Train Your Dragon 2”.  Daniel, Joy, Elijah and Dakota all came over to watch it with us. We all had a very fun time! The movie was Awesome! -Abigail Cook 🐈



Happy 23rd Birthday Nehemiah!









Yesterday Nehemiah turned 23! We had homemade sliders with a homemade pickle relish sauce! Nehemiah made a delicious fruit and vegetable salad! Robin, Abigails doll helped him. Anna baked a Chocolate Chip Sour Cream cake for everybody. We had four different types of ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Reeses, and Neapolitan. Everyone had a very fun time.



Today Abigail and Apphia did some archery with a friend. They were taught the parts of the bow, how to be in the correct position and the history of the bow and arrow. It was a lot of fun, they hit the target a lot and got better each time they shot.


"I Like Cats" and "Riddles" by Abigail Cook

I Like Cats

I like cats,
cats are nice,
cats like milk,
cats like mice.
Cats can scratch,
cats can pounce,
cats do purr and
cats can bounce.


Look out for shiny things,
glitter like silver,
shaped like a ring.
What is it?

Some are shiny,
Some are bright,
Some even give off light.
Some are gold,
They all hold,
special things that tick just right.
What is it?


Filming in Florida!

Hi Everyone!
On July 5th our family and some of our friends celebrated Daniel’s 27th birthday! The party was a lot of fun, as we played “Tennisball” in the front yard, and then afterward filmed for my movie.