Medieval Fair

Yesterday we had a great turnout for the Medieval fair. Over 50 people were on hand! We had a great time fencing, jousting, practicing archery, running footraces, and various other games and just enjoying each others company. Below are a few pictures we have received from Mrs. Smoak. I will be sure to post more when I receive them, and put them up on Snapfish.

One of two Merry men, "Daniel O'Dale"

Anne teaching some children Croquet

Ezra and Knight Elijah

Thanks for reading. We'll be sure to post more pictures as soon as possible!


Cocoa Beach Trip

Last weekend, (18-19) we were able to visit Papa in Cocoa Beach. He is currently doing several courses, over a four week span. The weekend we visited him, preceded his last week in Cocoa. We were able to swim in the pool, and at the beach, and spend a lot of time together.

I was preparing to take a picture of the rest of the family (right before we left) when some men from Papa's work (who were also taking a class) pulled into the parking lot, and offered to take a group photo. It was great timing!

This is just part of the view of the beach we enjoyed from Papa's room. He had a large window!

Abigail enjoyed looking out the hotel window for cars.

Sunsets in Cocoa are beautiful--especially from our vantage point on the 6th story of the Hilton. Sunsets like this one remind me of how great God is.


Mummified Apples

Last week, we unburied our mummified apple out of the baking-soda/salt mixture. Our camera was not working at the time, so I sketched pictures of what the apples looked like. When we dumped out the mixture, our mummified apple had to be "excavated"! The inner baking-soda and salt had hardened to form a shell around the apple, and when tapped with a butter knife, fell apart. It was colored a dull yellow inside. When we compared the two apples, this is what we found.

The "mummified" apple was considerably shrunken--about the same size as our control apple. (The apple that just sat out) However, the marked difference was that the mummy-apple was dry, firm, and light-colored. It had a dry section of peel still intact around it's stem.

The control apple was bruised, smelly, and darkly colored. It also had a small section of peel around the stem, but it was wet and floppy.

Somehow, the baking soda and salt preserved the apple and kept it dryer, although it shrunk. The other apple would have eventually wasted into nothing, while attracting lots of bugs. This experiment from our Anatomy book showed us that certain mixtures of chemicals can preserve things. (Like the Egyptians did to corpses)


CFHS Medieval Fair

On September 25th, we will be hosting the CFHS* 2nd Annual Medieval Fair. Located at our house, it is a time of fun where we get together with family and friends, and enjoy doing various medieval style activities including: fencing, jousting, archery, croquet, foot races, bocce ball and more! The festivities begin at 1:00 pm. Medieval costumes are optional but welcome. We look forward to seeing you!
*Cook Family Homeschool


LEGO Narnia Comic

This is the first LEGO Narnia comic I have made to be released on the internet. The following comics will be kept as close to the original Narnia series by C.S. Lewis as possible. Please keep posted for more. -NehemiahC