Wet Weather

Yesterday, we received over an 1.5 inches of rain. (most likely over 2 inches) The weather was a welcome change from the freezing temperatures we've had recently. Here are a few pictures from after the storm:

About an inch of water covered most of the front yard!

The walk next to the water garden was flooded also.

My Lego diver was equally amazed with the amount of water covering the yard!

A Recipe from Elijah!
Our family has enjoyed an abundance of fruit from friends and neighbors. We have been given several bags--enough to make several pitchers of juice. Elijah recently made "Fruit Soda" from a recipe he found:

Fruit Soda (a.k.a Citrus Punch)

1/3 Gallon pitcher
1 and 1/2 c. sugar
1 pouch lemon-lime flavored unsweetened soft-drink powder. (Unsweetened Kool-aid)
23 and 1/3 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 Liter ginger-ale


In a gallon sized (or larger) pitcher, stir together sugar and water until dissolved. Mix in drink powder and pineapple juice. Store in freezer until it becomes partially frozen. (Like a slushy) Enjoy!


Quite Cold in Keystone

Keystone Has gotten quite cold recently!

A few days ago, the temperature dropped below 20 degrees for a short while (at night) It was ideal weather for creating more icicles! I set out the sprinkler in the water garden at 9:00 and it ran all night. The next morning, the amount of ice/icicles was amazing! My personal favorite "ice-sculpture" was the pine needle that happened to be standing up, and got encased in ice!

The large bush near the front walk was filled to the core with large icicles, some of which were over 5 inches long. The amazing thing about them, is that it took two days before all of them melted off!

The basins in the water garden glazed over, but the water continued to run over the top of the ice. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy the cold weather, especially with ice!
Some friends of ours gave us stone to put around the water garden, and ice glazed all over that as well--some areas up to an inch thick.

May you have a blessed winter season this year!

-Written By Joseph [for the Cook Family] Jan 13, 2010.