Yesterday, Daniel and I went over to a friend's house to fix "The Duck" (our yellow Isuzu) Last week, it had died on Anne, while she was driving home from the Watson Center. She was able to pull it into the Church parking lot, and get a ride home. On Sunday, we found out that there was no Transmission fluid in it at all! We added two quarts, but it dumped it out as soon as we turned the car on. Our friend towed it to his house, where we raised it up, and assesed the problem, and it wasn't hard to find, either.

A tube, through which the transmission fluid flows, had popped out of it's connecter. We were able to replace the tube, and get the Duck running again. We also fixed a few smaller problems using Ductape!



Yesterday a friend from church, came over to help us till a place for our second garden. (We have had one in the past, but the is the first one on a close to large scale production) We tilled and leveled, and later in the day, we added fertilizer and tilled it again! The place we were tilling, was a former burn site (for the burn-barrell) and gun range. We found 4 small toy soldiers, one giant toy soldier, a toy alligator, at least 5 soda cans, and lots of roots! Some roots were so thick, that we had to chop them with an axe! We finally finished, and later that evening, while Anne, Daniel, Anna, and I were at AWANA, Papa and the younger boys planted a few varites of squash, tomatoes and peppers! We hope to plant some more things once we go to Ace and buy seeds.

Noah's Sword

Noah recently bought a "English Adventurers" Sword from Vision Forum. He was able to purchase the Sword with birthday money. He has had fun playing with it, and looks forward to fencing, when Nehemiah gets his.


Piano(s) on the move

Yesterday, we finally moved our big, wooden, 100 year old piano. Mr. Hector came over with his moving truck, and using some of his equipment and a lot of effort, we got it in the truck. Our neighbor across the street, was more than happy to take the piano off of our hands. Mr. Hector let Noah and I ride in his truck! Getting the piano out of the moving-truck was a little bit harder, but with the help of Papa, Daniel, our neighbor, and Mr. Hector, it was rolled down the ramp, and into the house safely. Our new piano, which we purchased from Lipham Music in Gainesville, is a lot of fun. It is digital, so it has headphones, which allows us to practice any time of the day. It has a full keyboard, and weighted keys, so it still feels like the old piano. It is also a lot smaller which allows more light into the room.
-Posted By Joseph Cook