Yesterday a friend from church, came over to help us till a place for our second garden. (We have had one in the past, but the is the first one on a close to large scale production) We tilled and leveled, and later in the day, we added fertilizer and tilled it again! The place we were tilling, was a former burn site (for the burn-barrell) and gun range. We found 4 small toy soldiers, one giant toy soldier, a toy alligator, at least 5 soda cans, and lots of roots! Some roots were so thick, that we had to chop them with an axe! We finally finished, and later that evening, while Anne, Daniel, Anna, and I were at AWANA, Papa and the younger boys planted a few varites of squash, tomatoes and peppers! We hope to plant some more things once we go to Ace and buy seeds.

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