Piano(s) on the move

Yesterday, we finally moved our big, wooden, 100 year old piano. Mr. Hector came over with his moving truck, and using some of his equipment and a lot of effort, we got it in the truck. Our neighbor across the street, was more than happy to take the piano off of our hands. Mr. Hector let Noah and I ride in his truck! Getting the piano out of the moving-truck was a little bit harder, but with the help of Papa, Daniel, our neighbor, and Mr. Hector, it was rolled down the ramp, and into the house safely. Our new piano, which we purchased from Lipham Music in Gainesville, is a lot of fun. It is digital, so it has headphones, which allows us to practice any time of the day. It has a full keyboard, and weighted keys, so it still feels like the old piano. It is also a lot smaller which allows more light into the room.
-Posted By Joseph Cook

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  1. Congrats on your new piano. Enjoy!