Yesterday, Daniel and I went over to a friend's house to fix "The Duck" (our yellow Isuzu) Last week, it had died on Anne, while she was driving home from the Watson Center. She was able to pull it into the Church parking lot, and get a ride home. On Sunday, we found out that there was no Transmission fluid in it at all! We added two quarts, but it dumped it out as soon as we turned the car on. Our friend towed it to his house, where we raised it up, and assesed the problem, and it wasn't hard to find, either.

A tube, through which the transmission fluid flows, had popped out of it's connecter. We were able to replace the tube, and get the Duck running again. We also fixed a few smaller problems using Ductape!

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  1. Once again proof! Duct tape fixes 99% of all physical problems!