The Garoom's Makeover

This past week, the Garoom has been re-arranged, to prepare for several major changes:

#1: All the walls will be painted a light Khaki, with Olive Drab Trim. (so far, one wall has been painted)
#2: The Garage door will be taken down. (This Saturday, the Stanley family should be coming to remove it)
#3: A floor to ceiling wall will be made to seperate the Garoom, from the current pantry area. (This is more of a long term goal set for Fall)
#4: All the Cook boys will be relocated in the Garoom. (We will be putting in bunk beds, etc. Sometime in the fall hopefully)
#5: The Double doors will be removed, and replaced with a bay window. (Also a long term goal.)

We are well on our way towards finishing up the Garoom, but most of the changes will take place in late summer or early fall. Updates will follow
-Joseph Cook

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