Who's on top?

Today I (Daniel) built a complicated wooden train track set-up. Beneath are a few photographs of it. I have entitled it "Who's on top?" It was built for Anna and Ezra to play with. If you look you will notice that every raised bridge has a track going under it. The entire track only has one dead end! If you were an engineer of a wooden train on theis track a map, gps, and anti-collision technology would all be VERY USEFULL.

"Who's on top?" aerial image version I.

"Who's on top?" aerial image version II.

Encyclopedia junction with three levels of track!

Looking through the bottom tunnel of encyclopedia junction.

The older you get the more complicated the tracks will become!

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  1. Wow, Daniel! Very nice. I especially like Encylopedia Junction ;-D
    ~ Kelcee