Allies vs. Cherokees #2

On Saturday evening, Daniel, Joseph, Nehemiah, Noah, Elijah, Papa, Ezra, and a handful of friends, gathered in the front yard to play a 3-inning softball game. Despite the dark clouds that loomed above, the game began. In the first inning, the Allies scored four runs, and the Cherokees scored three. In the second inning, it began to pour rain, but the players kept on going! The Allies scored three points on a homer by CJ, and the Cherokees scored one. In the third and final inning, the Allies scored two, while the Cherokees scored one. Therefore, the game ended 9-5. Most of the players enjoyed the game--as it was very close, and competetive. This was the second official "Simply Softball" game. The Allies and Cherokees have both won one. The one with the most of five games, will win the season title. We are looking for players in our next game sometime next month, so feel free to drop us a call if you are interested! -JosephC

Above is the Allies' logo, Designed by Joseph Cook. The Allies team was created in the Summer of '09.

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