I woke up at 6:30, so I would have time to eat. Mr. Geiger arrived at around 8:00, to take us out to the Church Tennis court, where there was a minor sinkhole. The cour sunk in, because it was built on top of a former burn pile, which was buried. When the pile of burnt wood started rotting, the weight of the court pushed down on the void, and sunk in. When the fill- dirt first arrived, we realized that there would be a lot left over. After putting less than half in the hole, Mr. Tim had to start filling up the trailer. We had to help by shoveling dirt into the diggers bucket. When we dropped the dirt off by the baseball field, none of it would slide out, despite the fact that the trailer bed lifted up to a 45 degree angle--so we shoeveled it. The second time through, we put the dirt in the dumptruck--and that worked quite well! (no extra shoveling) After pulling up some more asphalt on the side of the court, where there were imperfections, we took a load of it to one of the Geiger properties. Earlier, we had taken some over to the Burkhardts. After a hard day of work, the sinkhole was filled in, with fill-dirt, and awaiting the flowable-fill/asphalt--and, if I may say so myself, looked quite professionaly done! -JosephC

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