A Cookhouse Christmas

This Christmas was delightfully festive and busy. Abigail has been very sweet, and especially enjoyed opening her Christmas presents. It was evident that she liked the shiny wrapping paper just as much as the presents themselves! Ezra had never built a gingerbread house before, and did not understand that we were supposed to eat the house after we built it--not while we built it. As soon as he had finished making a gingerbread man to go near the house, he promptly sat down in his highchair and started to pray for his food! Anne gently explained that we "save the house", and gave him some candy to eat instead. Anna enjoys playing with her new toy food, and looks forwards to sharing her toys with her friends. She and Ezra currently take trips to the "store" (Nehemiah's room) to buy food for her "children"(her many dolls) Daniel, Nehemiah, Noah and I have immensely enjoyed reading the many books we got for Christmas, and have received enough books to do so for a while. We enjoy every minute we spend in a book, but we treasure more the time we spend with our siblings. We all pray that you have a Merry Christmas this year, and that the spirit of Christmas will stay in your hearts year round.

-Joseph Cook, on behalf of the rest of the Cook Family.

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