Wings of Dreams Airshow

Daniel, Joseph, and Nehemiah were able to go to the Wings of Dreams Airshow in Keystone, with the Civil Air Patrol. Joseph took quite a few pictures, and he also wrote this article about the airshow:

As the sun peeked over the top of the Florida pines, it shone down upon Cadets and Senior Members of the Gainesville Composite Squadron who were grouping together at the Keystone Heights Airport. As if a glimpse into the distant past, a B-17 and a B-24 sat idly on the tarmac as the sunshine glinted off their windows. As the sun rose higher into the clear winter sky, people began streaming through the gates to attend the 2010 Wings of Dreams Airshow.
Gainesville Composite Squadron was present on both days of the Airshow. They were able to successfully create perimeters around moving aircraft such as WWII Aircraft, and even an A-10 Warthog! Cadets also kept a vigil for any FOD on the tarmac, and were instructed to make sure no-one was smoking within the airport. When they weren’t patrolling, Cadets were able to climb through the B-24 and B-17, and visit with WWII Veterans, including Women Air Service Pilots. Other exhibits included live-firing (with blanks) of WWII vintage weapons, and a large collection of WWII vehicles such as Jeeps, Motorcycles, and a small Nazi tank. Cadets specifically listed the Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon static display, and the A-10 Live Demonstration as their favorite events of the weekend.
The Squadron had a large tent directly next to the entrance, where they conducted a bake-sale/popcorn fundraiser, and recruited potential Cadets. Both Saturday and Sunday were filled to with things to do, as the Cadets stayed at the airport from 800 to 1730.
The Airshow was a large success not only in the sense that it raised money for the Wings of Dreams Museum, but because it brought history to life for hundreds of people.

Here are some pictures from the airshow:
Nehemiah was allowed to climb up through the cockpit, and look out of the hatch on top!
Both Nehemiah and Joseph were able to climb into the B-24's cockpit, and sit in the pilots seat.
One of the most popular planes at the airshow was the A-10 Warthog!
Most of the family made it out to see the airshow.

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