Busch Gardens 2010

Last Wednesday, Papa, Mama, Nehemiah, Anna and I [Joseph] went to Busch Gardens for our annual trip. When we first arrived, we waited in line for a few minutes, but managed to get our tickets fairly quickly. I had typed up a document which listed all the rides we wanted to go on, plus it had information about the animals we were going to see. We spent the whole day enjoying the sunshine, rides, and amazing animals located all throughout the park.
Nehemiah and I rode several roller coasters, as did Mama and Papa.The rides were a lot of fun, but I enjoyed seeing the animals the most. One of the most interesting animals there, was called the "Gharial". I couldn't get a picture because he was very sneaky, and wouldn't pose! The Gharial (also called the Tomistoma) is a crocodile-like creature, with a long skinny snout. We also saw Meerkats, Lions, Tigers, and lots of gorillas/monkeys/chimps! Here are a few photos from our trip.

This is me, next to a large sculpted monkey!

Anna really enjoyed the carousel!

Anna took the motorcycle ride seriously, keeping her eyes on the road!

Papa, riding a warhorse on the Carousel

Mr. Mallard was one of the non-official residents of Busch Gardens.
Anna requested that her picture be taken with this chimp statue!

The hippos were amazingly agile underwater, and purposefully passed by the glass to seemingly "show off"!
Nehemiah and Anna posed next to a huge tiger sculpture.

The majestic lion reminded me of Revelation 5:5 where Jesus is called "The Lion of Judah"

Thank you for reading. Keep "posted" for more updates on the Cooks!

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  1. These are some great pictures Joseph :)! I especially like the one of the Lion :).