Ezra 3rd Birthday

Yesterday Ezra celebrated his third birthday. The birthday party marked more than just a celebratory occasion however. While reading a book last year, I learned that Jewish families have a custom of letting little boys' hair grow out, until the age of three when they have a "hair-cutting party". We enjoyed Ezra's beautiful golden hair, but by the age of three, we too had decided to give him a trim. Consequently, we invited some friends over to help, and enjoy the party.

Ezra during his hair-cut

Ezra after the cut, enjoying a present.Ezra, Nehemiah, and the 3-d train cake which Anne made.

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  1. You're falling a little behind on updates Joseph ;). I'm just kidding. I know you are busy :). But I love reading the posts too :)! Can't wait to see you all again..hopefully sooner rather than later :)!
    How were the fireworks?