Two Tails Ranch

This Sunday, many of our family traveled to Williston, for a special surprise for Elijah's birthday. Only a few of the older ones knew where we were going--so a lot of the time was spent by the younger ones, trying to decide where it might be. In the end, we arrived at a place called "Two Tails Ranch". As we waited in line for the gate to open the younger children continued to guess (in vain) where we were at.

Finally--as we unloaded from the car, Elijah spotted.....an Elephant! Two Tails ranch has a program called "All about Elephants", which we were participating in! It is an educational program designed to teach people about Elephants (for a small cost) in an up close and personal way.

Elijah, Anna, and Nehemiah were able to feed an elephant carrots--and pet it! They were friendly creatures. This particular elephant (after eating the carrot) "licked" Elijah's shoe!

Anna also fed a carrot to the friendly elephant. When asked about her experience she said in a matter-of-fact tone: "My heart was beating very fast."

There were many other creatures at Two Tails Ranch, including a Zebra. This was Joseph's favorite animal that we saw. Though we didn't have a chance to pet them, this younger Zebra was very inquisitive about visitors!

Above, is Catherine. (the Ostrich) Ostriches have a brain about the size of a pea, which consequently accounts for their very short attention span, and general . This creature with it's snakelike neck and avian body, was very interesting to watch! (it even tried to peck Nehemiah's shoe!)

Luke was a male Asian elephant who performed for the awed crowd. He moved giant logs, and even painted a picture! Even though he is a large creature, he is not yet fully developed! His tusks are unmarred-since he has not needed to use them in fights.

The trip to Two Tails Ranch for the "All about Elephants" tour was very interesting, and contained more than just information about elephants. Animals covered were turtles, tortoises, parrots, an emu, and and ostrich!
We enjoyed the trip very much, and hope to go back again sometime. For more information about the program, visit: All About Elephants.

Pictures taken by: Joseph Cook, Age 15

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  1. My family is flying in from texas this next week and I'm wondering if it is worth the trip up to wiliston to see this place, there are about 22 of us going. we also don't want to spend alot of money.