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Over the next few months, I will be posting several topics regarding in part to Journalism. I am taking a Journalism course with FLVS (Florida Virtual School) and one of the requirements is that I post some material I have written. The first is titled: "What is News?"

Before you read it--can you define "news"? Don't hesitate to comment on the article, as criticism is an essential part of feedback. Thanks for your input!

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines news as: “a report of recent events”. News can be found in various forms, especially in our technology-prone generation. All types of news can generally be classified in three parts: Broadcast, Internet, and Hard Copy.

Broadcast journalism is any form of delivering the news which involves television broadcasting. It usually involves a camera crew reporting on current events, both from a news station or live at an event. Radio is also an example of broadcast journalism, as it can involve news being broadcasted (or transmitted) through airwaves.

Internet news, is news that is disseminated online. The overwhelming majority of internet news is articles in writing. Examples of writing online could be articles posted to news sites, opinion blogs, or twitter news feeds. Though “streaming live” has become a new part of the Internet news field, live news online has not yet become a fixture in the news community.

Hard-Copy news, is news that is disseminated in physical form. Examples of Hard-Copy news would be magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and other forms of news which is in hard form.

In conclusion, “news” is the chronicle of recent events, disseminated to the public through various forms, including broadcast, internet, and hard-copy.

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