St. Louis!

 Today we loaded all 11 of us into two "trams" and clicked our way up to the top of the Gateway Arch. The weather was perfect for looking out over the country/city. There is a museum under the Arch. We could have spent hours looking at all the exhibits about westward expansion.

9 children in the shadow of the Gateway Arch.

Portal to the "tram".

This capsule had five swivel seats for your traveling ease.

Abigail at the moment we began to ascend.

Elijah, Nehemiah, Apphia, and Anne at the top.

Elijah in St. Louis.

Noah and Anna atop St. Louis.

EZRA liked the museum.

West we go!


  1. So, cool! Thanks for sharing, Anne! I will look for more updates.

  2. Was it windy when you were up the arch? It really sways when it's windy. Great pictures.

  3. Like the pic's. I saw coats and long sleeves on everyone, just wait to you get to Yellowstone! Hopefully it will warm up for you all.

  4. Thanks for the pics. Did you get a picture from the top of the arch? Enjoy the rest of the trip.
    Pastor & Lynn

  5. Where are you headed? If it's Colorado, we would LOVE to see you!!