Lunch at Valley Forge

I love windy weather. Except for eating. We had a crazy lunch out at Valley Forge. We had brought a picnic lunch. No problem. The park looked lovely . . . from inside the warm car. Ah, lovely fall leaves on the tall trees. Are trees really taller up north? Look, a PA deer; bigger than our deer in FL! Look the huge mountains! (Honey, those are just hills.) Here's the picnic area. Grab the flat of water bottles. Find a table in the sunshine. Climbing out we were met with a gust of wind . . . no big deal. Walking toward the picnic site, the wind whistled louder. Still ok . . . so far. Then, we tried to put our sandwiches together. Catch the mayonnaise! It's rather windy, wouldn't you say? Hold onto the lettuce. Where's Ezra? Pass the oil! I'm just a bit chilly. There go the buns! It's slightly cold here, I think. Save the mustard! Oh, Anna doesn't have her hat! Where's the water. . .rolling down the hill? It's EXTREMELY chilly-I'm going back to the car!!! Everything was blowing around and it was all we could do to hold it down, much less try to make sandwiches. Mama, Aunt Elaine, Anna, Ezra and I escaped to the car and enjoyed a flat, calm, still lunch while viewing the comical scene down the hill. The wind really had blown Ezra over (which is quite a feat; he is such a cute little chunk)! The boys ended up each standing by a tree, using it as a windbreak while they ate. Even so, I think the wildlife had a feast that day! We were all chilled on that memorable day at Valley Forge!
--Journaled by Anne Cook

Ezra enjoying the stairs at the Visitor's Center.

Joseph using a colorful windbreak.

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