Short Ft. Myers trip

This past week God was especially watching over us. Daniel, Papa, Nehemiah and I went down to Ft. Myers. Papa had a class, and us boys were going to visit with the grandparents, cousins, and uncles. On the way their though, the Trooper (now an antique) just stopped as we were going down the exit ramp...Daniel and I pushed it out of the way. We were 100 miles away from Ft. Myers, and the Trooper wouldn't restart. Papa called AAA (our insurance company) and within the next thirty minutes, a towtruck came to pick us up. The friendly driver drove us all the way to Ft. Myers! The next day, as Nehemiah and I visited our cousin, Daniel, Pappy (our grandfather) and a neighbor "Steve", fixed the Trooper, and since then it ran fine! That was defenitely providential.

After the visit, we started on the drive back...we surprised Nehemiah by stopping at SeaWorld! We had lots of fun their-We rode a rollercoaster 4 times, Saw lots of animals, and enjoyed the sunny day. I acquired several (5) new smashed pennies! We rode the Turnpike back, and had a very good dinner of Donuts!! :) We arrived at around 9:00, and were very happy to see the family-and get into bed! -Posted By Joseph Cook

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