The Duck is Running!!!!!

After a lot of prayer and hard work the Duck is finally running! Today after adjusting and testing the electronics Papa fired it up and it ran with the O2 light on. After I removed the air filter it ran much better. Papa then went out and bought a new air filter and more gas. We then installed the air filter and put in the gas and it ran very well. After dinner Joseph and I took of the rear passenger tire and Papa took us to the BP where we pumped it up. After arriving home we re-installed the tire. We then called Papa over and I got into the driver's seat and we took of on our first drive ever in the Duck. Papa, Joseph, Anne, and Mama all took turns in the order listed after I drove. We then had a prayer of thanks and a celebratory glass of Coca-Cola.

Overall the Duck runs well but probably needs new tires, alignment, new spark plugs and distributor cap, Dry Bones seat covers (like our other Trooper), pineapple (Or some other agreed on scent) air freshener, a latch on the glove box, carpet cleaned, more armor-all, and various other odds and ends. It definitely needs a license plate, base decals, and insurance before I can take it out on a test drive.

My estimate of its running by Christmas was only of by two days. But we still have much to do and more fun and blog posts ahead.

-Daniel R. H. Cook

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