One busy weekend

This weekend was quite busy. Saturday morning Papa, Daniel, and Joseph spent some time working on the duck removing the protective cover of the fuel tank. Mama and Anna went to a tea party at church. After cleaning up those everybody went to church to pick Mama and Anna up and then head to Papa's unit party. Before we went to the party Daniel got a chance to drive everybody in the family around for about ten minutes on the roads of Camp Blanding. The party was quite enjoyable with plenty of food, soda, coffee, Yoohoos, and presents for the children of unit members.

Sunday we went to church. After church we had a Christmas party with plenty of good food such as ham, meatballs, and dessert. After the party Anne and Joseph had choir practice and Daniel had fun helping Mr. Jonathan Coleman and Mr. Hector move furniture for Pastor and Mrs. Coleman. Daniel's friend Daniel also helped until he had to leave.

Monday Papa was off. Mr. Redmond came while Nehemiah and Joseph competed in the Bradford Middle School Spelling Bee (A more detailed post about the Bee is in the works.) where Joseph took first place. The afternoon was spent hauling cans and working on the Duck. The Duck update below has all the information on the work we did. Anne and Mama were able to take a trip to Gainesville to shop. They left around 6:00 P. M. and did not get back until around 11:00 P. M.

In summary we have had one busy weekend to be followed by another one soon.

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