Angel's Diner

On Friday, February 27, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell treated Nehemiah, Joseph, and Anne to dinner at Angel's diner in Palatka Florida.
Founded in 1932, this small silver capsule looking place, contains a narrow walkway, small kitchenette, and tables and chairs on either side.
The menu had a variety of tempting choices.

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell ordered the classic American hamburgers. Nehemiah and Anne both ordered a cheeseburger platter, which came with fries, a drink, and onion rings. We ordered a "Pusalow" to share, a special milkshake type drink made of crushed ice, malted milk, ice cream, and chocolate. It had a curious taste, and was enjoyed by all.
Joseph ordered a ONE POUND hamburger! It hardly fit on the plate!

It was a very special memorable day for all of us.

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  1. Now Greg is going to want to go there now for that huge burger...