Fighting more fire!

Today Caleb Eades had come over to go with us to the Keystone Heights Volunteer Fire Department business meeting to give a talk on the fire explorer conference we went to. Just as we were finishing dinner a call for a woods fire came through! Caleb, Papa, and I ran on out to the white Isuzu Trooper (literally) and headed for the station. Once there Caleb and I were given the chance to respond in Tender 109 (The biggest truck that holds all the water). We drove through town on our way to the fire. We passed Mrs. Eades with big smiles on our faces. Once on scene we were told to stay and wait in the tender. During our almost hour long wait Mrs. Eades came by and took some photographs. After almost an hour Papa, who had responded in Brush 10, came by and picked Caleb and I up. Before we left we refilled Brush 10 and then packed in and drove into the Lake Geneva lake bed. By the time we got down to the fire the Division of Forestry was plowed a fire line around the area that was on fire. We drove to the area that was already burnt and sat there in the truck oohing and ahhing at the flames and enjoying breathing in and smelling the smoke. We backed up a little and watched as the firefighters took drip torches and set fire to the rest of the brush inside of the fire area. After it burned out (Which was quite spectacular) we drove around while Mr. Chris Seymour started mop up. Just when we were about to help mop up we ran out of water. We went back and refilled. Once in the lake bed again Caleb and I sat down on the water tank of the truck and Mr Seymour passed us the hose. Caleb and I enjoyed taking turns at the hose and driving around the burned out area. Once out of water we went back and refilled. Mr. Seymour then had us roll up the hose and we climbed back into the truck and went back to the station. On the way back to the station we got a lesson in refilling the tender, which was quite educational and enjoyable. WE then rolled up the hose, walked to the station, and helped wash Woods 10. Shortly thereafter (About two and a half hours after first responding) we went into the station for the business meeting. Our briefing to the volunteers was postponed and instead Papa gave a short summary of the events at the conference and competition. We all enjoyed the call and had a whole lot of fun riding on the back of the brush truck. The most impressive part was watching the flames in the darkness of night.


  1. Sounds exciting!

  2. Three days later on Friday Daniel and Papa got to respond on another call. Daniel responded in Tender 109 with Mr. Seymour and refilled the woods truck that Papa responded in three times. He also helped refill the county engine. Once back at the station Daniel refilled the tender without manual assitance under Mr. Seymour's observation and verbal assistance.