Thoughts on Writing

For Joseph's Journalism course, he was required to post his thoughts on writing:

Writing has existed for many millennium.  Writing is used to document history, record current events, and many other things.  The written word is vital to me as a Christian.  Having the Bible (God's words) lets me learn many things about God, and about history which I may not have otherwise been able to know.  Without the Bible, I would know so much less about God, and his work in history. 

To me, writing is an essential part of life.  Though I enjoy writing, I also see writing as an opportunity.  Just like speaking—writing can let others know what you think, whether it is a novel, an editorial piece, or a persuasive essay.  Being able to coherently describe why I believe what I believe, is important to me as a Christian.

While writing, I have often come across the question: "Is it possible to write impartially?".  I believe that it is very hard—but possible.  Most credible news organizations pride themselves in impartiality.  Though their reporting is often biased, they at least recognize the importance of an "opinion-less" report.  When one wants to report without bias, it is important to examine adjectives (which often show partiality) and word choice.  Reporters who consider themselves "unbiased" often fail to be so because of poor wording choices.

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