A good Journalist

For Journalism, Joseph was asked to write about a Journalist he admired:

The man I admire as a competent Journalist, is Mr. Marvin Olasky. Shortly after his college career, Marvin Olasky wrote several books. Soon afterwards, (and in the midst of writing his books) he became a journalism professor at the University of Texas and a senior fellow of Acton Institute. Besides his work at the University of Texas and Action Institute, Mr. Olasky has been very active at the World Magazine. In 1990 he joined World Magazine, and four years later he became editor. In 2001, he became Editor in Chief. An Editor in Chief reviews content prior to publication. This covers language, grammar, punctuation, pictures, photo captions, and (possibly) budgetary matters. The integrity and eye for detail required for a job such as this is immense. Evidently, Mr. Olasky has both. Mr. Olasky has a great amount of experience, and is at the top of his career. Through his studies at Acton, King's, and the University of Texas, he has amassed a good deal of knowledge. This is evident through the many insightful books he has written. His decades of service at World Magazine reflect his reliability.


University of Texas

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