Fort Caroline/Mayport Trip

On Friday, Papa had just arrived back from a course in Oklahoma. We picked him up at the airport, and then went to visit Fort Caroline/Timacuan Preserve. We had been learning about the Timacuan Indians in Papa's history class. We got to see fort Caroline. (Pictured above) We also quickly stopped by to look at the Ribault monument, a replica of the monument once placed there by French Explorer Jean Rebault in 1562. After the park closed, we went by Mayport (A Naval Station) To see the mouth of the St. Johns River. When we walked onto the beach, it was very windy! We even saw what appeared to be part of an old galleon. It was a piece of wood, with manmade markings and large screws. It was half buried in the sand. Soon, we hea ded back to home. (After stopping at Starbucks of Course!)We enjoyed our trip very much, and we hope to visit both places again sometime soon.
-Posted by Joseph Cook

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  1. Sounds like you have enjoyed a great trip with your dad.