Fort Jackson; Est. 2008

The Lookout

We boys have been digging a fort in the backyard. One part, a semi-triangular pit we have dug, is about 2.5 feet deep. It is surrounded by a dirt wall, which is about one foot high. The other section, is called "The Lookout". There are two platforms located in a tree. One, about 4 feet off of the ground, was built a few years ago. The other located at 11 feet 4inches above the ground, is the newly installed "Birds Eye View" platform. Papa helped us build it last weekend. It gives us really good views, that we've never gotten before. Daniel also installed spikes in the tree, so he and I could climb up about 5 feet more in the tree! The highest point accessible in the tree is 16 feet above ground level! We'll keep posting updates on our fort, as we change it.
P.S. Come Visit us, there is no admission fee! :)
-Posted By Joseph Cook (13)

The last part, is a small shack, which we built today[9-23-08]. It holds our "ammunition" (Pinecones), which we use to attack the "enemy" (an imaginary enemy of course) Daniel and the Younger Boys (Nehemiah, Noah, and Elijah) Took less than 15 minutes to put it together!

The Fort


  1. Very Cool! My brothers had a few pretty cool "hide outs" when we were young - i always had to beg them to allow me to see it! My dad built us a very cool treehouse too, it even had a "fire pole" to slide down! It was a pretty high treehouse, probably at least 15 feet off the ground! You guys are super creative! Way to Go!

  2. Anne and Elisabeth - I "tagged" you on my blog!