Champion Reader

As a family, we recently participated in the Putnam County reading program. Lasting from June 12th-July 30th, the goal was to see who could read the most books. Over 5 libraries participated, including Melrose, which we often visit. All of us read books, (including Abigail) but Noah definitely read the most. He read the most books not only in the Melrose Library, but in all of Putnam county. He read a total of 334 books! Noah received a trophy and a "Key of Knowledge" award.


  1. Wow! Congratulations, Noah! I've never read that many over one summer, and I love reading!

  2. That is ALOT of books Noah! I had no clue that contest would go that long..I mean I am guessing that you had pretty much just started it when we were there then :)? Well, either way..good job all of you :)!