Late Night Trip

Saturday night (the 14th) the whole family was in Jacksonville/Orange Park to run errands, and pick up Papa when his airplane arrived from Virginia. We had already gone by Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann's, Starbucks, and Texas Roadhouse when we found out Papa's plane was delayed, and would not arrive until around midnight. Thus, we found something fun to do---mini golf! We had coupons from the library, and decided it would be a great time to use them.
One of the many animal statues around the course, Elijah is next to this unique "sharp-toothed" hippo.

Noah, Nehemiah, and I [Joseph] next to the waterfall. The family split into two teams on two courses. We did the "Paradise Lost" course, and each got a hole-in-one! All of us made our shots in three or less for the majority of the course.

After mini-golfing we arrived at the airport but still had time to burn. Thankfully Nehemiah had brought a glove and baseball, so we played catch in next to the parking lot. Later that night (I'm not sure when) Papa's airplane arrived and we picked him up. We arrived home around 2:00! Papa headed off to another course this week, but will be back on the weekend.
It was great being together as family, and we can always have fun--no matter what time it is!

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  1. It sounds like this night was alot of fun :)! I love all of the pictures..especially the one of Anna and Ezra :). Ezra is definitely distracted by something :).
    I know exactly what you mean about having fun with your family..no matter what time it is :). I love being with my family(and yours :)..and I think I have the most fun when I am with them. Not to mention alot of times it is later at night when we are laughing and enjoying one another's company :).