"First" day of School

Today is the "first" day of school. The reason that is in quotation marks is because at our house, school is not confined to dates. Nonetheless, we have begun school full force today. We have a schedule which loosely defines what we're doing at a given point in the day.
We will be continually changing it over the course of the year, and despite activities (doctors appointments etc.) it works quite well for helping us keep on pace during the day.
We each have quite a lot of subjects to cover. Above is a sample--a stack of Noah's schoolbooks this year. Subjects are not limited to books however. Drawing, Physical Excercise (i.e. Baseball) and leisure reading are just a few.
I [Joseph] am teaching Anatomy to Noah and Elijah. Today we learned about how the Egyptians knew a good deal about human anatomy--especially regarding the preservation of a corpse. The experiment we had today involved "mummifying" an apple! We put it in a mix of baking soda and salt and are supposed to let it sit for a week. We'll find out what happens next Monday--but I'm assuming it will be mummified in some way!
For a while I've been saving up for a bicycle--I got it online from Walmart.com, and it shipped in last week from Sacramento CA. Mama had some packages that needed to be delivered, so Daniel and I biked to the post office in town, and took a leisurely ride home through Immokalee, and down Bedford Lake Rd. It is a lot of fun riding--especially now that the weather is starting to cool off some.
We will keep you posted on events that happen and we hope you enjoy reading our blog!


  1. I really like your new bike Joseph :)! I wish we could ride our bikes to stores around here..but unfortunately we do not live near any stores(at least near as in how long it would take to get there on a bike), and we live off of a very busy highway :(.

    I like the school chart..that is really neat :)! I am guessing that everyone has their own color on there?
    That experiment sounds really neat too! I look forward to hearing how it turned out :).

  2. I enjoyed your comment about school (or learning) not being confined to dates... good attitude! That's what I think too :-).