Christmas Lights (2)

Today was the final day of outside Christmas decorating. Hammering and sawing filled the air as Papa and some of the boys busily constructed the new manger scene. From a vantage point up on the roof, I could see them below. I was helping Daniel carefully string the Christmas lights, along the last few places we had missed. In a short time, we had finished the lights, and Papa and the boys had finished the Manger scene. Daniel did a few last-minute tweaks, and the lights were up! All we had to do, was wait for darkness to arrive. Shortly after we finished watching the Gator game, we went outside to turn on the Christmas lights. When the whole family had assembled on the lawn, Daniel turned them on.

It was a beautiful sight! From the road, our home looked like a Gingerbread house! Mama and Papa had purchased a Christmas Tree at Ace Hardware Center. We put it up, and it almost touched the roof! We loaded down the tree with ornaments, while the a cheerful blaze issuing forth from the fireplace, warmed us all. Afterwards, everyone (even Ezra and Anna) enjoyed a small cup of eggnog. We are thankful to all be able to enjoy this Christmas Season together as a healthy, happy family.

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