Fall work-day

Early this morning, not long after KP was finished, we began working outdoors. I [Joseph] Started cleaning Anna's "playhouse" with a bucket of bleach and a scrub rush. The playhouse had collected a good assortment of bugs, and dirt over the summer! Nehemiah, Noah, and Elijah raked large piles of leaves out front. Daniel burned the leaves in the burn barrel. He and I also burned a lot of sticks, woods, and logs. We also burned an old chair. It was engulfed in the roaring inferno, and was barely distinguishable as a chair! Daniel called it the "Hot seat"!

Mrs. Stanley called over, and requested some of our pine needles for her garden, (to act as mulch) so the boys and I got on the job quickly. With permission of the neighbors, we raked much of their yard free of pine needles. We managed to create such a huge pile, that Noah and I decided to create a face out of the massive pile of needles. We nicknamed him, the "Gum-drop" man!

Needless to say, many people looked at it as they drove by! Later, some of the Stanleys came by to pick up the "Gum-drop man", and we disassembled him. The funny thing is--our neighbors never came outside and saw the "Gum-drop Man"! That is why I took pictures. Though the day was long, it seemed to pass quickly with all the work we did. We were able to rake a good portion of the yard, and burn a good amount of sticks and branches. The most fun thing though, was being able to work with my brothers in the cool fall weather.


  1. Lol. I love the "Gum-Drop Man" :D! That's great. It sounds like a lot of hard work got done..good job guys :)! And I know one thing is for sure..I hope I never have to be in THAT "hot-seat" ;D! I hope you are all doing well! We miss all of you! Well, talk to you later!


  2. I like the "Gum-Drop man" Great job, guys.

    Katelyn Snell