Seaworld Trip '09

Yesterday (September 16th) Anne, Papa, Elijah and I [Noah] went to Sea World in Orlando. We stopped at a Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Elijah and I got kids meals, and Papa and Anne got sandwiches. After lunch we went to Sea World. When we got there we got our tickets and went straight to "Manta" the new roller coaster. Papa, Anne, and I rode one it. Sometimes Papa would stay down below with Elijah, and sometimes Anne would. I rode on manta five times (with Papa twice, and with Anne three times.) Before we left, Joseph gavbe us a scavenger hunt to do there. We were supposed to find [quite a few things]. We had a lot of fun doing the scavenger hunt. It got us moving a lot! At dolphin cove we touched a dolphin. He felt like a rubbery ball. We went to the alligator place, where we saw two alligators. RIght next to it was the Mannatees. Anne, Papa, and I went on Kraken. Papa nad Anne went together in the front row, while Elijah and I got smashed pennies. We also went to shark encounter, where we went in a glass tunnel with sharks swimming all around. "Stingray Lagoon" was really fun, because you could feed Stingrays. We had fun on a roller coaster rcalled "Shamu Express". The fun playground was called "Shamu's happy harbor". WHen we got ready to leave, we rode Manta two last times. Papa took our picture [with his camera phone] at the light house and the penguin wall. We got in the car, and drove to Bass Pro SHops and looked around. THen we went to Burger King, and then we got gas. As we went home I thought about the days events. It was so fun to go to Sea World with Papa, Anne and Elijah.

-Written By Noah Cook
-Posted online by Joseph Cook

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