A Pilgrim Thanksgiving

Pictured here is the entire Cook Family along with 3 other homeschooling familes.
Baby Abigail is being held by Mama in the back row. Ezra is standing in front of Noah. Anna is in the front in the dark green dress. Elijah is holding the bow and arrow in the front row. Nehemiah is standing behind Noah and Elijah. Joseph is in the back row in the gray wide-brimmed hat. Daniel is in the back row with the blue tam. Papa is standing in front of Mama, in the dark blue jacket. And I am standing beside Joseph in the back row. Last weekend, we and a few other homeschool families gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving, in our period costumes. Anne finished the costumes just in time! (The night before) Everyone gathered outside to eat both normal, and old-fashioned food. Aafterwards, the girls enjoyed making corn-husk dolls, while the men and boys target practiced shooting both clay pigeons, and stationary targets. Everyone had a great time, and looks forward to doing it again next year.
Daniel and Papa were among the many (including myself) who enjoyed using the shotgun.
Our friends (L to R) Mr. Stanley, Mr. Evan, and Ms. Katie, tend to the fire, over which vensison stew was cooked!
By the end of the day, even the littlest "Pilgrims" were tired--but they day was well spent. Days such as this one, live on as cherised memories.

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